Small Business – Danique Keepsakes

So here we are, with the first small business I want to do a post about. I have done a general post just explaining Brand Reps and Product Testers and who we are currently repping for, you can read that post here. 

Danique Keepsakes 1Danique Keepsakes is run by the lovely Dani and she has been making keepsakes for around 5 years. Her business is a Princes Trust Supported Business and she has a range of different keepsakes you can have handmade. You can get things from personalised blankets and taggies to memory animals or cushions, made from your old clothes, there is great variety.
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Instagram Small Businesses

So the past couple of months I have been completely out of love with my blog, twitter and even my own instagram – these days I’m on mills instagram and that’s about it, mostly because I can go on there and still give her all the attention she wants but when trying to write a post or be on the laptop it’s not so easy and I’ve slowly lost my love for blogging, but I want to get back into it, I want to do something for me again. So here I am.

022Today I’ve written up a post about the small businesses we work with over on instagram.
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