Are Your Idols Really Worth Meeting?

February 28th already, madness, this year is flying by and all the days seem to merge into one at the moment. I have wanted to write a post like this for quite a while but due to a couple of different things I have never got around to it, also I’m not exactly sure if this is the kind of post anyone would even be interested in reading but seeing as it’s actually been a large part of my life over the past 8 or so years I figured why not write something about it.

IMG_2068If you continue to read this post then just remember that this is based on my own  personal experiences and I know many other people who will both agree and disagree with what I have to say in this post.

So let’s get started with the question I have as my title ‘Are your idols really worth meeting?
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My Perfect Brother-In-Law by Cristina Hodgson*

I had totally intended on posting this way earlier than now, but trying to read with a grumpy baby isn’t all that easy. Anyway, here we are and today I have a review of Cristina Hodgsons new book ‘My Perfect Brother-In-Law’ which Cristina kindly gifted to me in e-book form in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

IMG_1922I wanted to get this post up in January but I’ve only just managed to finish the book this weekend. This is the fourth book I’ve read of Cristina’s and it didn’t disappoint.
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My Birth Story

I had been planning on writing up this post weeks ago, but it’s not always so easy to just sit down and write these days, so while Rhys is home and Mila is asleep I figured I’d start this post… and hopefully finish it. Apologies now for the amount of rambling that will probably be in this post.

IMG_1842People had been asking if I had a birth plan and I know in some of the books you are given it talks about writing a birth plan to take with you and give to the midwives so they know what you do and don’t want, I’ve also heard plenty of stories of people’s birth plans going completely out of the window so with that in mind I never bothered to write anything down, the only thing I really said is that I’d like to do it on just gas and air and other than that I was pretty easy going.
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My Skincare Routine

I’ve never really had much of a skincare routine, If I took my make up off at the end of the day that was a good thing, but recently I’ve been doing a lot more to try and keep my skin better looked after. I have got myself into a little routine which seems to be working, granted I’ve only really been using this routine for a couple of weeks but so far so good.

img_1656Twice a day I use The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner to get all the dirt and grime off my face – I very rarely wear any make up so this just gets rid of the natural dirt which my skin acquires throughout the day. It’s really kind to your skin, it’s not too harsh but it really does pick up any excess on your skin. It’s a little bit gross really to see how much dirt rests on your skin just from going about your day.
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Happy New Year, 2019 Goals


A lot of people are saying how quickly 2018 went by, but for me I was pregnant for most of it and it was the longest 8 months of my life, Its flown by since Mila has been born but the pregnancy itself made last year so long for me.

img_1328I have had this blank page open for days but between not knowing what goals I want to set myself and a screaming baby this page has remained blank but if I leave it any longer then I’ll never get around to writing it. 

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