Coming Home To Glendale Hall

This post is late, again. I don’t know why Rachel puts up with me, I even emailed her earlier in the week because I couldn’t remember what date I was to post on. Since going back to work this month and Mila teething I’m that tired you are lucky if I know what day it is, I’m pretty sure I only make it to work because my alarm goes off so I know it’s a work day.

More apologies to everyone on the tour.

Coming Home to Glendale HallBLURB

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*I Can’t Tell You Why by Elaine Robertson North

So I should probably be sacked. I was convinced this was due to be posted on August 1st – where I have got that from I’ve no idea because it was due yesterday. My apologies to Rachel and Elaine about that. I’m lucky I caught my flight last week as I thought I was flying later than I was. My heads all over the place at the moment, so please bare with me.

ICTYW_CoverAnyway, what should have been yesterdays, today is my review of I Can’t Tell You Why? By Elaine Robertson North. Keep reading to see what I thought of this book.
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*Hollow – by Olga Gibbs Review

First off, I know this post is a day late and I want to say thank you to Olga and Melanie for being so great about this being late. They are both such lovely people to know.

Next, let’s address the lack of posts recently. It’s not been a good few weeks for me and everything that’s blog related has unfortunately had to take a back seat. Also the reason that this post hasn’t gone up earlier today, hopefully once the dust has settled i’ll be able to get back into the swing of things, because currently I am running on fumes and really need to recharge my batteries.

Hallow BannerToday I have for you a review of Olga Gibbs new book – Hallow.
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