I Said Yes

Long story short, I said yes.

That wouldn’t be much of a post would it. I was expecting the proposal but I also wasn’t expecting it then. Before Mila was born there was an agreement that if she was to have Rhys’ surname then we would have to get married purely because I want the same surname as my child which is fair, isn’t it. 

I Said YesSometime last year when I was pregnant we were in the Trafford center and Rhys took me into H Samuel and asked what kind of ring I would want one day, so I tried some on and chose one, and that was the end of that, off we went. Little did I know a week later he ordered the ring and the box for it and kept hold of it for over a year.

In all honestly I was expecting it to happen when we were out and about somewhere sightseeing and every time we were out and the day passed, and still nothing, I was kind of getting to the point where I was convinced it wasn’t actually going to happen and he’d just agreed so all the kids would have the same surname. 

I Said YesBare with me, we’re getting there.

Rhys bought me a hot tub for my birthday but we needed a decked area in the garden for it to go, so he built one with a gazebo and August 4th was when everything was finished and the hot tub was up and running. We were just chilling out with a drink and some songs on the laptop when he started to tell me about this box thing he’d made (he hadn’t made it, he’d bought it), he got it out to show me and there he was on one knee (maybe two knees) and asked me to marry him, to which I kept asking where did he get the box *face palm*

I always thought I’d be like ‘OMG yes of course’ nope, I just kept asking where he got the box from. After my awkward moment I did of course then say yes and put the ring on. It wasn’t your big extravagant proposal but it was perfect, just the two of us, at home with no on lookers and me being an awkward as ever.

It’s been just a little over a week and we already have the date booked and I have my dress and pretty much everything is planned out. It’s going to be super small and casual and I’m pretty excited.


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