Things I Hated About Being Pregnant

I have done a post on the things I loved about being pregnant (which you can read here) so I figured it’s only right that I write some things that I disliked about being pregnant, which was actually so much easier to write than the things I loved.


I was really lucky not to get any morning sickness but In my first trimester I did suffer really badly with tiredness. I would get up and go to work, come home and sleep, Rhys would wake me up for food and a shower and then I’d be right back to sleep. It wasn’t until I was probably about 4 months until I stopped napping at all, it gradually got better but some days I still felt like I could do with a nap.

Other People’s Opinions
A lot of pregnant women will probably agree with this – but once you announce that you’re pregnant every one will have an opinion and although everyone is entitled to their opinion they don’t care whether you want their advice or not they are going to give it to you anyway.

You will be given so much advice from both people you know and people you don’t, other mothers and non-mothers, and everyone in between. You’ll be told what will work and what wont work, how you will feel, how you will do things because they know better than you. That’s great if that’s how things worked for you but I’ll be doing things my own way and learning as I go.

Every baby is different and whether you’re a first time mum or you’re a new mum, your experience will be different and you will find what works best for you and your baby. Hearing peoples stories and advice is great but just because something worked for them, or because society says this is how its meant to be – doesn’t make it true. You will know what works for you, no one else.

This one really riles me up, at what point do people think it’s appropriate to touch your stomach as and when they feel like it. You wouldn’t walk around just touching people for no reason would you, so why do people think it’s okay just because you’re pregnant.

I had no issues with Rhys doing it, I actually wish he’d have been a little more interested in feeling her move around but for other people, surely, ask me if its okay or wait until I offer.

Medical Opinions
I’m pretty sure I could write an essay on this. After having the tests done for the Trisomy chromosomes we had a high risk result for T21 which is down syndrome, so we agreed to the NIPT test, receiving the same results – this didn’t matter to us as we were never going to end the pregnancy but medical professionals constantly asked me if I wanted the amniocentesis, which I didn’t and every time they would ask me why. 

After that every little thing they managed to find wrong with her they instantly said to me “we’re not too worried about it but it is associated with down syndrome”. Every. Single. Time. Never did anyone say, we’ve come across this but don’t worry it’s something that can happen.

This is what made my pregnancy so unenjoyable, not the fact she had Down Syndrome but the constant negativity surrounding it. I’ll have a whole post on this soon I hope.

Aches and Pains
This unfortunately comes with the territory, granted when you already have sciatica and a bad back it doesn’t really help the situation but after about 6 and a half months it had been every day, unless I was lying down or walking around my back would be in pain, and its the same spot all the time.

Some of these aches later on are purely the baby sticking a limb into your side or up into your ribs, which is very uncomfortable but its all part of carrying a tiny human who is growing bigger in a small space.

What did you dislike during your pregnancy?

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