Things I Loved About Being Pregnant

So I managed to write up a few things I disliked about being pregnant a lot easier than things I loved, which really should have been the other way around, but any who, here we are and these are the things that I loved about being pregnant.


My Bump

I have had friends tell me many a time that once they’ve had the baby, they have really missed their bump, which I always thought, hmm okay, but now 8 months on I get it, I really do miss my bump. I loved my bump, I always found myself cradling it or rubbing it and smiling to myself. My favourite thing was to just lie in bed and rest my hands on my bump as she wriggled around.

I always used to get bump envy too, I’d see other people’s bumps and wonder where mine was, I didn’t really start showing properly until I was about 6 months pregnant – because she was small and my bump was only little, I did get envious when seeing other peoples bumps.

Feeling Baby Move

I think this was my most favourite thing about being pregnant. I’d been told that at first it feels like butterflies or popping popcorn but I totally missed out on that, I’m putting that down to her size. I never felt any movement until I was about 20 weeks and I just felt straight out kicks, I believe I first felt her kick the morning of our 20 week scan. Every time I felt her move I couldn’t help but smile. Turns out, later on in my pregnancy what I thought was her bum sticking out was actually Braxton hicks and I had no idea.


I know this might seem strange but she had hiccups twice a day, and it was so cute. I could feel when she hiccuped, also quite often near the end if I lay still you could see her hiccuping. It’s not as cute now she’s here and hiccups all the time but when she was still in my belly it was.

I know this is a pretty short post, I was hoping I would be able to come up with a lot more but in all honesty I didn’t really have a positive pregnancy, don’t get me wrong it was a really easy pregnancy physically, I wasn’t ill at all but it was mostly negative and I didn’t really enjoy being pregnant but that’s a story for another day.

How was your pregnancy? What did you love about being pregnant?

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