I Said Yes

Long story short, I said yes.

That wouldn’t be much of a post would it. I was expecting the proposal but I also wasn’t expecting it then. Before Mila was born there was an agreement that if she was to have Rhys’ surname then we would have to get married purely because I want the same surname as my child which is fair, isn’t it. 

I Said YesSometime last year when I was pregnant we were in the Trafford center and Rhys took me into H Samuel and asked what kind of ring I would want one day, so I tried some on and chose one, and that was the end of that, off we went. Little did I know a week later he ordered the ring and the box for it and kept hold of it for over a year.
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Trying To Go Cruelty Free

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while and actually start sorting through my skincare and makeup. 

So my aim is to be using only cruelty free products by the end of the year and I’m going to go through my whole collection and make a list here of what I have and colour code them in red and green, as you can probably guess, green for cruelty free and red for non-cruelty free items and then at the end of the year hopefully the whole list will be green as I swap out products.

029I should probably say that this might be a long list of things.
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Bucket List

I have always had a Bucket List in my head and written down in old diaries, also a couple of years ago on an old blog I had a post with my bucket list but I figured it was time to pull it back out and update it. Usually, as I complete things I will cross them off and on here I will add a link if I have written up a blog post about them.

028Things I want to do.
Things I have done.
Blog post written.
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