*Hafmall Changing Bag

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far with the warmer weather. 

I came across Hafmall Official on instagram and quickly saw how beautiful their bags were. They have different styles along with different colours. We were kindly gifted a gorgeous baby pink waterproof bag.

TitleI’m a sucker for bags especially rucksack style ones. I already have two changing bags, a mothercare one and one from Cath kidston and while they both do the job, by the time you have filled them with nappies and wipes and bottles there isn’t really much room for anything else.

So I guess we should start off by going through the different compartments this bag has. On the front of the bag there is a zipped pouch which has three foiled compartments for keeping bottles warm or cool and a small meshed pocket where I keep Mila’s bibs.

There are two smaller zipped pockets on the side of the bag, one which has a special opening for your wipes so that you don’t have to take the whole packet out you can just grab one when you need one, the other pocket is empty and I use it for Mila’s dummy, teething rings etc.

A small zipped compartment at the back which will be perfect for our passports when we go on holiday and underneath that is another zip which gives you access into the main of the rucksack without you having to go in from the top. 

Inside the rucksack there is another foiled pocket for bottles or food. A similar sized pocket on the opposite side. A larger pocket with two smaller pockets on the front of it and lastly a zipped pocket at the top.


Yes I realise how many times I’ve said pocket so far, but there are plenty of them to talk about. You’re probably all wondering where the actual review is, it’s coming I promise I just wanted to give you an overview of the rucksack first.

So, here we go – I love this bag, there is so much room compared to my other bags. As any of you parent’s will know babies and kids come with a trail of things, pretty much everything except the kitchen sink and these rucksacks will hold all of that for you. The straps are adaptable for your comfort and it carries like any rucksack and I have to say it is so much easier to just throw a bag on my back when carrying Mila around rather than trying to keep one over my shoulder.

We have yet to test out how waterproof the rucksack is, as this past week we’ve actually had some nice weather. The only down side I can come up with is that this bag does not come with a changing mat, or if it does then I’ve completely missed it. I do believe that some of the different designs do come with a changing mat so you can get them. Apart from that I would really recommend these changing bags, mine is going to be a godsend when we go on holiday in a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to fit everything Mila will need for the journey in there.

Have you tried one of their bags? I’d love to know what you think if you have. If not you can check them out on Instagram or Amazon. Definitely go and check them out.

* We were gifted this rucksack in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and Instagram.

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