Small Business – Danique Keepsakes

So here we are, with the first small business I want to do a post about. I have done a general post just explaining Brand Reps and Product Testers and who we are currently repping for, you can read that post here. 

Danique Keepsakes 1Danique Keepsakes is run by the lovely Dani and she has been making keepsakes for around 5 years. Her business is a Princes Trust Supported Business and she has a range of different keepsakes you can have handmade. You can get things from personalised blankets and taggies to memory animals or cushions, made from your old clothes, there is great variety.

I am a Brand Rep for Danique Keepsakes. Our rep term started in April and we’re currently being kept on as a rep until further notice, which is great because I really do love these products.

Danique Keepsakes 2
I bought this Lemon and Lavender taggie blanket for Mila. It’s personalised with her name and it’s lovely and soft. Mila loves it, she likes to suck on the tags. When we purchased this we were kindly gifted a personalised *cushion in a pale pink dotted fabric and a personalised *heart to match Mila’s taggie.

A couple of weeks ago after my nana has passed away I purchased some of the memory bears using some of my nana’s pyjamas. We had two bears made for my grandad and my aunty and a penguin for Mila, Dani kindly sent us another personalised *cushion and a personalised *heart for free. They are absolutely lovely and I couldn’t think of a nicer way to honer my nan and to keep her close to us. 

Danique Keepsakes 3There are so many different things you can choose, from memory cushions to memory animals, soft cuddly teddies to baggie blankets to large blankets, you will be spoilt for choice.

You can find Danique Keepsakes on http:Instagram | Website | Facebook

Everything is lovingly made and I would definitely recommend you check out her pages.

You can use the code MILA10 for 10% discount on your purchase.

*These items were gifted to us with no expectation of a review.

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