My First Mother’s Day

I’m not sure where to start with this post, I think I was actually expecting more than what it was. I was expecting to feel special and the most important person that day, but that was far from what I was feeling. That’s not to say I didn’t have a nice day, I guess I was just a little disappointed. 

blog titleRhys got up with Mila so I could have a lie in, and even brought me a cup of tea in bed – so what’s the problem I hear you say, well I had my card in bed and then presents as soon as I got downstairs. What he bought me was lovely and he didn’t need to but I had a lovely keyring, a first mothers day vest for Mila (which is massive on her) and a bread maker.

blog blankAll good so far, I am then greeted with a pooped nappy (thank you ever so much Mila) and then Rhys had to get the other 3 kids in the shower and ready to be taken home for 11 o’clock, I managed a quick shower before they left, and off they went. I know it must sound like all I’m doing is complaining but I’m really not, I just felt like I’d be pushed to the back of the queue again. Mila and I did the rounds, we went to see my mum with her cards and my nana. Mum made me some breakfast seeing as I hadn’t had time to eat.

blog blank 2Once Rhys was back home from dropping the kids at their mums, we headed back too. I did have a little cry, I know, I know, it wasn’t worth crying over but I was a little upset. Then the 3 of us headed off to Tatton Park. There was something going on, on the grounds but we went into the gardens and had a nice walk around although I was hoping the weather was going to be a little warmer because Mila was not impressed when we got her out the pram for some photos.

It was a nice afternoon, and I’m glad we got some nice photos while we were there. We had a takeaway when we got home and an early night. So although my first mother’s day wasn’t quite what I was expecting it turned out a lot better than it started.

I hope all you mummy’s out there had a lovely day. Did you get up to much?

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