Blushtribe Palettes & Liquid Lip

Afternoon all, A couple of months ago I stumbled upon Blushtribe and their palettes looked gorgeous so I figured I’d give them a try – and by try I mean buy them and put them in the drawer because lately Mila doesn’t give me much time to get dressed and brush my teeth never mind put any make up on, but I wanted to put up a first look so you guys can see how pretty they are.

Blushtribe are always bringing out new products so there is plenty for everyone’s taste, they have eyeshadow palettes, lip products, highlighters, eyelashes, brushes and multi-use pigments. You can find it all over on their website.

IMG_1773So I picked up the Sonia Zarine Eyeshadow Palette, the Munaza Eyeshadow Palette, the Sparkle & Shine Liquid Lip in Interstellar and the Sonia Zarine Liquid Lip in Priya.


Blushtribe are an indie brand and I think it’s a good thing to support smaller brands. All the products from Blushtribe are cruelty free.


I am in love with all their packaging, the images are all digital designs of real people. They are all stunning and its awesome how they’re all original artwork. Don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for simplistic packaging but you can’t not love how these look. 


I love the colours in the eyeshadow palettes, granted the Sonia palette is very similar to a lot of palettes I already have (I clearly have a type) but the colours in the Munaza palette are stunning. I absolutely love bright eyeshadows, I always have. When I was younger and used to go out with friends a lot more I always had some sort of bright eye look going on.

I have swatched the Munaza palette and I have the say that the mattes swatch with my fingers a lot better than the shimmers do, but the shimmers are so beautiful you can’t not love them.

The two lip colours I bought are from different lines but are very similar colours, I have outrageous colours from other brands and I find I just don’t use them so I figured it was better to just get what I use and I love the colours of both of these. Intersteller has glitter in it so its a lot more sparkly than Priya which is more of a matte formula. They are both pinky nudes and perfect for everyday wear.


I don’t know that there is much to dislike on a first look. The only thing I would say is that the shimmer shades didn’t swatch the best, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work perfectly well on the eyes.

I have to maybe say the price as well, although I don’t mind paying for a good product there are also a lot of other brands that have similar products for a cheaper price, but having said that you should always support small businesses and you also have something that someone has personally put a lot of time and effort into rather than just a large production line.

I would really like to try their highlighters and their brushes, maybe in the next couple of months I can add these to my collection.

Have you tried any of these products before? I would love to hear what your thoughts are.

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