Happy New Year, 2019 Goals


A lot of people are saying how quickly 2018 went by, but for me I was pregnant for most of it and it was the longest 8 months of my life, Its flown by since Mila has been born but the pregnancy itself made last year so long for me.

img_1328I have had this blank page open for days but between not knowing what goals I want to set myself and a screaming baby this page has remained blank but if I leave it any longer then I’ll never get around to writing it. 

I’d like to be able to grow my social media, I know that means I need to pull my finger out and promote more and join in more with chats and comment on other blogs, but mostly I really need to get posts written up and published otherwise there wont be anything for you guys to comment on.

Social Media

  • Twitter: 621 Current – 1500 Goal
  • Instagram: 141 Current – 500 Goal
  • Pinterest: 9 Current – 50 Goal


  • Views: 281 Current – 10,000 Goal
  • Comments: 1 Current – 500 Goal
  • Followers: 3 Current – 100 Goal
  • DA: 30 Goal
  • Post at least 6 times a month, which for many is nothing but my aim is twice a week so if I miss a couple, that’s alright.


  • Complete 52 firsts with Mila before her first birthday, photograph them and add them all into a book which she can see when she’s older.
  • Read 12 books, it’s the same target I set myself every year and I fail every time. I do really well for the first 6 months then after that I don’t seem to pick up a book at all.
  • Be using only cruelty free products by the end of the year.
  • I’d like to put myself on a total make up spending ban but I don’t see that happening so maybe just one single spend per month.
  • Have more Happy days than Sad days, something I definitely need to work on.

I’m sitting here half watching Grey-s Anatomy and half trying to think of more things to write but you know what, I think this is enough for now, I don’t want to overload myself and not actually be able to accomplish any of them.

I would love to read what goals you have for the coming year.

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