Christmas Party Make Up

I had every intention of creating an actual Christmas party look for this post, but as you are reading this my baby will be a couple of weeks old, so I never really got the chance to sit and play around with my make up, so you’ll have to make do with my make up choices in palette form. Maybe next year when I have more time I can get some actual looks together.

So I’m narrowing this down to eyes, cheeks and lips because, well basically I don’t have that much of an extensive make up collection (although I would love to have more choice). So I think I’m going to choose two for each which I think would be great to create some festive looks this year.


Urban Decay – Moondust £36.50

My boyfriend bought me this a couple of years ago for Christmas and I think it’s the perfect palette to add a little bit of sparkle to your eyes for the party season. It comes with 8 different colours all individually named and as well as being very pigmented they are all full of glitter, and who doesn’t love a bit of festive glitter. I would say though, get yourself a good eye make up remover as these can be a little stubborn to get off. 

Revolution – Soph Extra Space £10

A little more affordable than my other choice, I’ve never been much of a youtube fan but Sophdoesnails got me into watching youtube a little more. So naturally when she announced her make up collaboration with Revolution I just had to see what the fuss was about. I love her choice in colours and Revolution as a brand is good quality and affordable. Anyway, moving on, Soph’s second eyeshadow palette – extra spice has a lot of variety with both matte’s and shimmers.

The palette has 18 different shades, again all individually named. It comes with some lovely red and purple colours which will make for some nice bright looks, but also comes with some golds and silvers if you want to tone things down a little. You could create no end of looks with this palette.


Revolution – Soph Highlighter Palette £8

I’m not much good at applying highlighter but it’s one of my favourite make up items and this palette by Revolution is awesome. It is designed by Sophdoesnails and has 8 different highlighters and at £8 it’s a bargain. They’re really good quality and you can mix them up to add the perfect colour to your party make up.

Benefit – Hervana Blush £25.50

I’m generally a bronzer kind of girl so for the party season I thought I’d switch it up a little bit and pull out the blush instead. I have had this one for probably longer than I should have. I love that it has different tones and a bit of sparkle.


MAC – Satin Lipstick – Rebel £17.50

I’ve had this lipstick probably for a lot longer than I should have, it was the first MAC lipstick I bought and I absolutely love the colour but as you can see it’s certainly not an everyday colour so I don’t get much use out of it, but it’s perfect for a party, especially if you don’t want to be so bold with your eyeshadow but still want a pop of colour.

Collection – Velvet Kiss Lip Cream – Rosie £2.99

This is a new one to my collection seeing as how my mum nicked my only red lipstick. I think a red lip for the holiday season is a must, it sets off any festive look. I definitely prefer  lip creams to lipsticks, I find that they are much softer on the lip and they don’t tend to get on your teeth quite as easily. 

I hope that some of these can give you some festive ideas for the party season ahead. I’d love to hear what your favourite party must haves are.

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