My Winter Tag

As you are reading this I’m probably sitting on the sofa with a baby watching crap daytime tv. So I’ve spent the past couple of months sorting out all my blogmas posts because I have wanted to join in for years but never had the time. Having a newborn baby who sleeps a lot is actually harder work than you’d think. Getting posts written and photographed (especially with the darker days) isn’t as easy as I first thought it would be.

Day 2So I have been looking through various ‘Winter Tag’ blog posts to put together one of my own, I’m not planning on nominating anyone but anyone is welcome to have a go at these questions.

Top Winter Beauty Item: I would have to say a lip balm, with the cold weather and then the  heating in the house it makes my lips dry and they peel like crazy, they also tend to crack so a good lip balm is always to hand.

Top Winter Fashion Item: A Beanie Hat, by far I cannot go without these in the winter. I get headaches when my ears get cold so these are perfect for keeping my ears warm and I just love them.

Favourite Winter Nail Polish: I’m usually more of a Blue’s and Brown’s nail polish fan but I suppose for the festive season a deep red is probably my go too. A favourite of mine is Raspberry by Barry M

Favourite Winter Candle: By far it is Cranberry Ice by Yankee Candle, but this year I have tried out some new scents and although none of them beat Cranberry Ice for me I have come across some lovely ones. You can see what I tried here.

Favourite Christmas Song: I would always have said Stay Another Day by East17 but I’m not really the biggest fan of Christmas songs, I don’t mind them in small quantities but I wouldn’t say I was any kind of fanatic. I do however had a list of a couple I enjoy here.

Favourite Christmas Movie: This is a hard one for me, I have a couple of favourites, I really love the cheesy Hallmark movies, so I don’t think I could actually decide on just one, but you can read about my favourites here.

Favourite Thing About Christmas: I’m actually a Bah Humbug, I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas at all but this year I have a little one due at the end of November, which, even though she won’t have a clue whats going on only being a couple of weeks old but I am much more excited about things this year, we’re in our first home together as well so I’m looking forward to having my own tree and putting presents under it.

Favourite Place To Spend Christmas: As much as I’m not a huge Christmas fan, I have spent Christmas in both Melbourne and Vancouver and nothing really compares to having Christmas at home with friends and family.

This or That:
Snowboarding or Skiing
Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
White Christmas or Frosty Christmas
Eggnog or Mulled Wine
Real Tree or Fake Tree
Build A Snowman or Snowball Fight

If you decide to give these questions a go I’d love to read your posts, leave your links down below, or even if you have your own winter tag I would love to have a read.

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