Welcome To Blogmas 2018

Good evening everyone, happy December 1st and welcome to blogmas.

Day 1I had originally planned for today to be an advent calendar post but at the time of writing up these posts I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to get my hands on one in time to get a post done so I figured I would use today as more of an introduction post about what posts you can expect to see over the coming weeks.

Back in September I decided that I was actually going to take park in Blogmas this year, I have wanted to join in for a number of years but I just cannot write up so many posts in so little time so I gave myself a solid 3 months to prep, plan and execute everything that needed doing, and although that has somewhat gone to plan, between work and hospital trips and being told that my baby will definitely be coming early because her cord isn’t working as it should – well these posts took a little bit of a backseat. I had most days planned out fairly early on but its taken me to near the end of October to actually sit down and start banging out some content before her arrival because I don’t see me having as much time as I’d like with a newborn.

Even with my little excuse of timing I am still planning on 26 scheduled posts for this month – Days 1-25 and 31st. I wasn’t sure whether to post the full list of what posts are to come on my blog or not, but I figured you guys might be interested in knowing what’s to come so you can come back on the days that interest you.

  1. Welcome To Blogmas
  2. My Winter Tag
  3. Beauty Advent Calendar
  4. Christmas Giveaway
  5. Jaimie Admans Book Review
  6. Christmas Party Make-Up
  7. My Nail Polish Collection
  8. Homemade Christmas Cards
  9. My 5 Favourite Christmas Movies
  10. Homemade Christmas Decorations
  11. Secret Santa
  12. My Favourite Christmas Songs
  13. Beauty Products Wishlist
  14. Christmas Away From Home
  15. Our First Christmas In Our Own Home
  16. My Favourite Christmas Lipsticks
  17. My Very Own Christmas Tree
  18. My 2018 Bullet Journal
  19. My Favourite Christmas Food
  20. Christmas At The Zoo
  21. My Favourite Posts Of The Year
  22. Preparing For Christmas With A Baby
  23. My Favourite Bloggers This Year
  24. Merry Christmas

  31. A Review Of 2018 & Goals For 2019

There may be a little re-jigging of this throughout the month depending on what I can get done while Baby’s asleep. I would love to read your blogmas posts, feel free to leave them below.

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