I’m Growing A Tiny Human – Third Trimester

So here we are, week 40 +1

due_01Nothing is ever simple and its been a long time getting here. It has felt like I’ve been pregnant for forever, and it drove me crazy people always saying “hasn’t it flown by” or “not long left now” – no it hasn’t flown by at all and there is so much time left – but all that is for a post another day.


Pretty sure no one explained to me before hand how many times I’d be jabbed with a needle just because I was pregnant. You have two blood tests one at around 8-10 weeks and one at 28 weeks which tests for numerous things including your blood type, but if you’re me then the midwife can’t get blood and you have to make an appointment at the doctors to have it done.

You have another blood test if you opt for the 12 week test/NIPT test. A further blood test for CMV and toxoplasmosis.

You are advised to have your Flu jab and whooping cough jab while pregnant too.

If your blood type is negative then you have to have an Anti-D injection to prevent your blood attacking your baby or any future babies you may have. You will also have to have another one of these at birth If your baby has a positive blood type.

Also I had to have two steroid injections to help develop baby’s lungs when they thought they would need to get her out about 34 weeks, these injections are in the top of your leg and are like bee stings, not really very pleasant. 


I managed to get a couple of weeks under my belt before my midwife got in touch with the hospital regarding growth scans which had been mentioned previously, this is where all the worry started again. In total I had 15 scans and 7 CTG monitoring sessions.

She has measured very small since the growth scans started, she has grown along the right line but just at a smaller size, and her cord wasn’t working as well as it should be. I would write all this in centile’s like the graph they give you but quite frankly I don’t understand all that. The consultant’s got so worried around week 33 that they sent me for monitoring and steroid injections to develop her lungs because they would want her out within the next couple of weeks. So obviously we were all at panic stations, she was too small, she was coming out weeks earlier than planned and we still had loads to do and now needed to buy for a tiny baby and not a newborn.

Skip ahead to week 36 and her growth had improved and her cord had remained the same, suddenly no one seemed to be interested anymore. My consultant decided we were now aiming for 38 weeks then re-asses again so in the meantime I needed two scans a week and two monitoring sessions a week but I was to sort these appointments myself, which is far easier said than done. Just before week 37 we were booked in to be induced on week 38, at least then I knew where I was and what was going on… only for my little one to make plans of her own and arrive of her own accord the day before.

So many people will tell you not to worry during pregnancy and not to be too stressed as its not good for the baby, yet the professionals, in my case have been the ones to start all the worry. Turns out I didn’t really need to worry about anything, and all that panic and running around was pretty much for nothing.

She arrived at 37 weeks +6, a happy, healthy little pip. Labour was a complete whirlwind but I’ll save that for another post.

Did you have an easy pregnancy? Or was it as up and down as mine?

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