I’m Growing A Tiny Human – Second Trimester

Evening all, Hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. Firstly, happy due date to my little girl, she arrived early but today is her official due date.

2nd_01Back again with another pregnancy post. I have to say I think this trimester is the one that felt the longest, it just felt never ending, although I was starting to get my energy back and thankfully didn’t need to nap every day.

So as I touched on in my last post (you can read about my first trimester here) you are offered various tests when your pregnant and the one you have at your 12 week scan is for the Trisomy’s which detects Edwards, Patau’s and Down syndrome


If that test comes back as more than 1:150 you are classed as high risk – so for instance we had a 1:64 for Down syndrome and a 1:10,000 for Edwards and Patau’s meaning that we were high risk for Down syndrome but low risk for the other two. We were then offered a NIPT test (you can read more about it here) which I believe is along the same lines as the harmony test which is just a blood test from you and with that they just give you a high or low risk result, but it is apparently considered to be 99% accurate. You can then go for an amniocentesis or a CVS but I declined these as they are invasive tests where they stick a needle into your belly and take a sample of the amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby and comes with a small risk of miscarriage.

We had a high risk result from the NIPT test and declined any further testing so were told to prepare for our baby to have Down syndrome. There is no point in sugar coating this but I never expected that I would have anything other than a Low risk result and when it wasn’t it was a little bit of a shock and quite honestly it took me a couple of weeks, a lot of crying and a lot of me questioning myself to come to terms with what we had been told. It doesn’t matter to us because we would never have terminated the pregnancy it was just a lot at the time to take in.


After that nothing else was done until our 20 week scan and we found out we were having a baby girl, it was said that she was measuring smaller than she ought to be but no one was really concerned, she also had fluid on her left kidney but again they weren’t overly worried about it and the ventricles in her brain were too large. So we were sent for another scan with a consultant and told that these are common things with Down syndrome.

We had a further scan to check these out, another scan to check her heart fully and then we were sent to Liverpool Women’s Hospital because a small hole was found in her heart, Liverpool found the hole but weren’t worried, saying that it would probably heal itself by the time she is born and they discharged us which was some good news.

So after all that worry by the last scan the hole in her heart was 1.2mm and would hopefully heal itself, the ventricles in her brain were back to normal size and the fluid on her kidney was down within the normal range. When we had the test results back we were told that we would have to have some growth scans because baby’s with Down syndrome tend to be smaller but so far I’d had no more mention of them, so things were starting to look up, no more scans, nothing to worry about with her organs, just straight forward carry on as normal.

Did you have a straight forward pregnancy or were you shuttled back and too with information overload?

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