I’m Growing A Tiny Human – First Trimester

So I finally made the move to WordPress – although I still have no idea how to use it properly, and I made the decision to rewrite and update some of my posts before posting them here. I find that I ramble quite a bit at times so now I can go in and just keep whats needed. So having said that lets start with my first post over here on WordPress.

OWT01I’m growing a tiny human – well by now I’ve actually grown the tiny human and she’s arrived already.

I was 4 weeks and 6 days when I found out I was pregnant, we weren’t particularly trying but at the same time we weren’t being careful and we were wanting to actively start trying fairly soon. Things happened a lot quicker than I was expecting, approximately 4 weeks (my boyfriend had, had a vasectomy reversal in the January and we were pregnant by the beginning on March).


I was actually pretty lucky with the first trimester, I was tired a lot of the time and had to nap nearly every day when I got home from work but I had no morning sickness or heartburn. I had one water infection early on but otherwise I cannot complain at all I had it very easy compared to what I was expecting.

As your uterus starts to expand you do get some strange feelings and aches in your abdomen, I tended to have most my aches on my lower right hand side, but from what I gathered all these little aches and pains were normal.


This is more towards the end of the first trimester. You are offered a test at your 12 week scan which consists of a measurement of the back baby’s neck and a blood test from you which will then be added together with lots of other consonants and you are given a result for the three Trisomys. 

Trisomy 13 – Patau Syndrome
Trisomy 18 – Edwards Syndrome
Trisomy 21 – Down Syndrome

At my first midwife appointment where they basically just take all your details and give you all your paperwork I was asked if I would like the test done when it came to my scan, I said no, I didn’t want the test so she put down yes and said you can always change your mind to no but you cant go from a no to a yes, I went home and told my boyfriend this to which he said we might as well have them done then, with it being no harm to the baby.

For me personally I should have stuck with my gut and said no, if you’re not going to terminate the pregnancy and you are going to carry the baby regardless I wouldn’t worry yourself with the tests for me they caused more worry than necessary. Granted if you would rather know so you can prepare yourself have the tests. For me personally they hindered my pregnancy from that very first appointment when the midwife completely ignored what I said.

We decided not to tell anyone (other than work for health and safety reasons) until we had, had our 12 week scan. Those first few weeks where only Rhys and I knew were the best for me, we were living in our own little bubble where everything was perfect, sadly once we started to share the news that bubble was popped.

The first trimester was by far the most stress free for me. Every pregnancy is different and I know I’m one of the lucky ones who sailed through those first three months.

How was your first trimester?

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