About Me


Welcome to my little slice of the internet and thank you for taking time to look around my blog. Firstly my name is Hayley and I live in Wales, UK.

This is not my first blog, or second or third. I have been a blogger on and off since May 2014, starting out with a beauty blog before realising that I wanted to write about so many more topics other than just beauty. Here on my blog you will find posts ranging from beauty to travel, parenting to lifestyle, books to bullet journalling and a little of things in between.

I love to read, usually Romance’s or YA books. My favourite book is called Switched by Amanda Hocking closely followed by Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I watch too many TV shows that I can’t actually keep up with everything I watch but my favourite TV shows have to be Charmed, One Tree Hill and Smallville I could re-watch them time and time again – and I actually have.

I love to travel and have been a fair few places, I have lived in Australia and Canada for a short while, but my adventures are now closer to home and exploring more of the uk rather than jetting off to far away places. I totally intend to take my little one travelling to as many places as I can, I want her to see the world before she grows up and settles down.

I have way too much make-up for someone who very rarely even wears make-up these days, but I just can’t help myself. I’m the same with skincare, although at least I use that daily so it does warrant buying too much, promise.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much with my little piece about me, but thank you for stopping by and reading. I’m always around for a chat, you can find me mostly on Twitter or feel free to drop me an email at wldxhrt@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.